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Midknightfapper, Apr 20, 11 2:03 PM.

Concerning Interrupts...

Midknightfapper, Apr 14, 11 2:58 AM.

Yo, Kanye Meme, I'm happy for you, and Imma let you finish but Orcpaul has some of the best interrupts of all time. OF ALL TIME!

Season 10 warrior gear revealed!

Midknightfapper, Apr 13, 11 10:57 PM.

 I guess not everyone is a fan of the compounding PvP armor progression, but c'mon. It's pretty sweet!

Ear Candy

Midknightfapper, Apr 8, 11 2:24 AM.

Do yourself a favor and listen to some MF DOOM while you mindlessly grind. My pick for artist of the week.
(remember all caps when you spell the man's name!)

The Parliament Still Lives!

Midknightfapper, Apr 6, 11 12:09 PM.

Well it's good to have the non-flakey and semi flakey members back in the Parliament and out of other crappy guilds (*cough cough* <Underground Dynasty>). HOO HOO!!! Before achieving our goal of world domination we might have to recruit a few more people to tackle some raiding and rated BGs. Now get back to work you mindless drones


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"A Parliament of Owls" is always accepting new members, and anyone in guild has the ability to invite new members. Anyone interested should have an appetite for random world PvP and raiding alliance major cities.
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